Manufacturing Facilities

At Accolade Laboratories, we specialise in up-market products, catering for niche markets. Our flexible approach enables us to handle a wide range of batch sizes, and are able to accommodate various packaging options.

Manufacturing takes place in accordance with guidelines set out by CTFA (Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances Association).

Our in-house water purification system enables us to deionize and purify water to the high standards required for cosmetic manufacture. Our policy on GMP prevents cross contamination of products and batches. Strict quality control procedures are in place. We maintain meticulous records to ensure traceability, with retention samples of all batches being kept for our records.

Formulations are available in hot and cold processes, including liquids, oils, gels, creams and powders.

We also offer ultra-sound sealing of tubes, inkjet batch coding and a labelling service, should this be a requirement. Furthermore, we will also be offering a sample sachet filling service in the near future.